[WARGAME NDH 2016] Write-Up – Guessing: So Basic

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Write-up of the challenge “Guessing – So Basic” of Nuit du Hack 2016 Wargame

The weekend of 02-03 july 2016 is the WARGAME of the Nuit du Hack 2016 as a Jeopardy CTF. Having had the opportunity and the time to participate with some colleagues and friends, here’s a write-up resolution of the challenges which we could participate.

  • Category: Guessing
  • Name: So Basic
  • Description : Mister Julien Ducul has a dog named Rex, his dog is 5 years old and so he wanna make a fancy website in order to mahe this birthday special. Unfortunately, he is not able to remember the credentials he has configured on the website.
  • URL :
  • Points : 50

tl;dr : Login : jducul – Password rex2011 (the dog is 5 years old)

For this challenge, a simple attempt to access “” asked a login and password. According to the title of the challenge, we concluded that authentication is a “Basic Authentication”, generated via a simple “.htaccess” and “.htpasswd” for example.

The category of the challenge, type “guessing” also informs that its resolution will go through various tests and judicious assumptions.

Let’s analyze the statement:

  • The creator of the protected website is called “Julien Ducul”. And the login is certainly first name, last name, or a combination of both.
  • This gentleman has a dog “Rex”. It is not uncommon that people put the name of their pet as a password.
  • Other information of interest: the dog is 5 years old! Thus, he was born in 2011 :)!

Just do some tests with logins / password potential …

Series of logins:



Series of passwords:


And the right combinaison :

  • Login : jducul
  • Password : rex2011

From there, a “flag.txt” file is available, containing the flag.

guessing basic authN

guessing basic authN

Flag : ndh2k16_68a3fhosqahxdxc

Thank you to all the team of the NDH2K16 for this event and for the whole organization!

Greeting to nj8, St0rn, Emiya, Mido, downgrade, Ryuk@n and rikelm, ? // Gr3etZ

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